YouTube’s LARVA plush characters are coming to the UK

YouTube's LARVA plush characters are coming to the UKIn the days of the Internet many famous characters have never been on TV. Yet, they have massive followings. The LARVA CGI series is an example of that.

The LARVA YouTube channel has about 4 million subscribers and more than 260 episodes. It features a variety of CGI characters which take part in various adventures, ToyNews reports.

LARVA has had several series and three of them streamed on Netflix. The platform also has an exclusive LARVA series, LARVA Island. On the whole, the characters are so popular, their creators are even developing a feature movie for next year. The property draws an audience of over 6 million for September alone and generated over 50 million views of its YouTube videos so far this year.

As a result, you can imagine, people would love to have their favorite characters in more than animation form. Re:creation, Commonwealth Toys and LARVA will work together to bring that to life. The brands are planning a big portfolio of Plush Toys coming to the UK.

“The plush collection captures the unique personalities within the show perfectly and lives up to the strength of the LARVA brand. We’re delighted to be on board with the team at Commonwealth Toys to introduce this exciting line to the UK audience”, Adrian Mayes, Re:creation Sales Director, said. You can expect the toys next year.