YouTube stars continue to enter the toy market

YouTube stars continue to enter the toy marketTimes definitely have changed. We are used to have toys from famous TV shows and movies. Now the same becomes a norm for YouTube stars.

Australian firm Haven Global for example will make toys for two YouTube starts, ToyHobbyRetailer reports. They are CKN Toys and Baby Shark.

You are already probably very familiar with Baby Shark. They have had quite the few weeks, announcing a slew of partnerships all over the world. Many of them included various items, toys, accessories and stuffed animals.

CKN Toys meanwhile is “the number two toy reviewer on YouTube”. The channel is very popular for various toy reviews. “We’re so excited to work with a home-grown superstar! “Australia has come to the fore as an incubator for globally successful brands across toys and entertainment – and now online content. Managing director of Haven Global, Tom Punch says about the partnership with CKN.

It’s still not known what will those toys will be. Probably a lot of various items along with some branded toys.

As for Baby Shark, there it’s easier. It will be a lot of various toys, including interactive ones. The goal is to have them ready in time for Christmas.

And with the popularity of YouTube stars continuing to rise, and if their toys are successful, you can expect a lot more from various YouTubers.