A young girl needs funding for her Snuggly Stuffies charity project

A young girl needs funding for her Snuggly Stuffies charity projectA young girl is currently seeking funding for her special Snuggly Stuffies charity project. They will bring needed comfort to kids in hospitals.

Callie Miller is from Champaign, Illinois. A few years ago she’s had major surgery and found out how much comfort a stuffed animal can bring. She then wanted to help others by providing them with special stuffed animals.

Thus, her project Snuggly Stuffies was born. Callie gets regular stuffed animals from the store, but then she restuffs them with rice. This allows the stuffies to be cooled down in a freezer or warmed up in a microwave. This makes the stuffed animals great for easing swellings or giving warm comfort.

Snuggly Stuffies are meant for everyone who need comfort or are sick. Callie usually finds people through word of mouth or via social media. Callie says to the WCIA 3 News that after a little girl sent her a picture of herself with her Snuggly Stuffie, she realized what a difference such a small gesture can have.

So far she has given out about 70 Snuggly Stuffies for the past year. Callie now has a GoFundMe page where she gathers funds for getting more stuffed animals and shipping costs.

“Last year I had a major surgery and my friend gave me one of these stuffed animals. I use it all the time and it really helped with the pain so much that I decided to start Snuggly Stuffies. I would be so thankful  if you donated even a little bit of money!”, Callie writes. You can help her out here.