Young girl holds a teddy bear picnic to save the real Gobi bears

Young girl holds a teddy bear picnic to save the real Gobi bearsThe Gobi bear is an endangered species which is on the verge of extinction. So, a 9-year-old girl held a teddy bear picnic to help save the real bears.

Matilda Somerville organized and held the teddy bear picnic at the Courthouse markets in Broome, Australia. The event featured a sale of baked goods, raffles, competitions and of course, teddy bears.

The end goal was simple. To raise money and awareness for the world’s rarest real bear – Gobi. Matilda raised more than $500 which will go for the supplemental feeding program before the bears go into hibernation in September.

“I hope I can do more to help raise for this endangered species. I has so much fun at the picnic and it’s such a good feeling when you know that you’re helping towards something while having a fun time”, Matilda said to The West Australian.

Despite having fun, Matilda doesn’t forget the importance of her goal. “If we don’t help the Gobi bears now, then there could be none left and it’s really sad to think that these animals could die because of our mistakes”, she adds.

Naturally her parents and friends are really proud of her. But that doesn’t make her feel like she’s done enough. Matilda is already planning how to continue to raise funding and awareness for the Gobi bears.