Young boy survived a second-story fall thanks to his stuffed animal

Young boy survived a second-story fall thanks to his stuffed animal
The hero stuffed cow

Stuffed animals can be more than toys that help with emotions. They can actually save lives. Like this 2-year-old boy who fell from the second floor.

The Massachusetts boy was having some fun on Wednesday by jumping on his bed, The Boston Globe reports. Who hasn’t done that, right?

Sadly, the boy got a bit overzealous and one errant jump sent him right out of the window of his Chelsea home. As a result he fell about 16 feet onto the concrete below, the Fire Department says. The boy wasn’t alone, but with his 12-year-old sister and great uncle, but no one could have foreseen this.

They all rushed down to get him and found that while he was scared, he wasn’t injured, apart from a small cut and bruises. And that’s thanks to the 2-foot-tall plush cow he was hugging and jumping with. He was lucky enough that the cow came between him and the concrete and cushioned his fall.

“He fell about 16 feet onto concrete. He could easily have broken bones or been very seriously injured”, Deputy Fire Chief John Quateri said. “There are some high-rises where we’ve had incidents of kids falling out of third- and even fourth-story windows,” Kyes said. “Fortunately I don’t believe we’ve ever had a child die, but they have been seriously injured, breaking bones and whatnot. I’m just glad that in this case no one was badly hurt.”