Young boy spends his money on claw machines to get stuffed animals for charity

Young boy spends his money on claw machines to get stuffed animals for charityAn 11-year-old boy from California is spending his summer by spending his money on claw machines. But that’s because he wants to donate the stuffed animals.

Ethan of Rocklin, California wanted to show his appreciation to the local police department. So, he did that in the way he feels he can help.

This meant spending some time at the arcades to win as much toys and stuffed animals from the claw machines. Finally, he donated his winnings to the Rocklin Police Department.

The claw machine challenge

If you’ve ever played a claw machine, you know how difficult and frustrating it can be. Ethan has nerves of steel though and was up to the challenge. Hence, this means that every toy he has donates is a special one. It took Ethan time, money and perseverance to win the stuffed animals.

“Ethan did not disappoint. He brought in two handfuls of stuffed animals he had won. Officers who welcomed Ethan into our department reflected back to their own time spent on the claw machines as children. And could not recall winning even one stuffed animal. Ever”, the department wrote on Facebook.

“I want to thank you for keeping our community safe”, Ethan¬†wrote to the police department.¬†“I feel like with all the bad things people are trying to say about cops, it would be a good idea for officers to give out stuffed animals to children. So kids know cops are good and nice people who are only trying to protect them and keep our community safe”, he added.

“Ethan, thank you for all the stuffed animals, as well putting as your trust in us,” the department said on Facebook. “The stuffed animals will be put to good use brightening other kids’ days!”