Yet another example of how stuffed animals can really make a difference

Yet another example of how stuffed animals can really make a difference
The stuffed toy dog which helped the man

You already know how much stuffed animals can influence your life, right? Not really sure yet? Here is another great example how stuffies make a difference.

The folks over at the Australian stuffed animal store Stuffed With Plush Toys reached out to us with some amazing feedback they received. It is yet another example of how a stuffed animal can help people with various health conditions.

One of their clients recently bought a plush toy version of a Brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier made by Bocchetta Plush toys. She bought the toy for a man in a care facility who is suffering from dementia. The man had the same dog years ago. His reaction was priceless.

A small stuffed animal makes a big difference

“It has caused tears in both his carers and visitors alike. From the first moment he saw ‘Scooter’ he reached out with both arms stroking it and smiling. Since then he sits talking to it and stroking its ears and head gently. Today he even participated in a group music session… something he stopped doing some months ago”, wrote the client.

The man’s his wife had been very depressed as his deterioration was very quick and she felt he had forgotten who she was, the client adds. “His speech had become just random words with no meaning but yesterday she phoned me in tears. It was a good day. He’d actually asked her “Is Scooter a boy or a girl?” Then later at lunch asked for help with his drink and said “I don’t want to be a nuisance”. Such a small toy has managed to stimulate a part of his brain and brought some joy into a lovely couple’s life”, she added.

Things like that which show us exactly how special something as simple as a stuffed animal can be. It is very inspiring, also. Stuffed With Plush Toys tell us they have now started to set up an Australian nationwide initiative to get more stuffed animals to patients in care centers.

“It’s now going to become our charitable focus moving forward as we can see direct results that encourage us and others to help even more”, cofounder Wayne Shelley tells us. So, if you are in Australia and want to help them out, now’s your chance to get involved.