WWE adds several new Bleacher Creatures stuffed wrestlers

WWE adds several new Bleacher Creatures stuffed wrestlersYou like both stuffed animals and wrestling? How about mixing them together? Then you will get the WWE Bleacher Creatures stuffed wrestlers.

The Bleacher Creatures are officially licensed 10-inch plush figures of famous sports figures. And the company has several lines, including WWE superstars.

The figures can stand on their own and come with their own unique look and style. They are an artistic representation of the famous characters and are quite cool.

WWE and Bleacher Creatures recently added several new characters to the line-up. Among them we see Ronda Rousey, The Rock, Ric Flair and Finn Balor. In fact, some of them have more than one version.

Balor for example has a regular version and a Times Two bundle. That’s because this one comes with his Demon figure as well.

And soon he will have a third version – him in blue which is currently on pre-order. Also on pre-order we see The Man Becky Lynch and a 2nd edition of AJ Styles.

Fellow wrestlers Elias and Rey Mysterio are also going to get their own Bleacher Creatures versions. Macho Man Randy Savage is also on the new pre-order list along with a 3rd edition of Seth Rollins.

All of the pre-order plushies will ship on June 20th 2019. Their prices are $19.99 a pop.