WowWee prepares the Fingerlings for a world expansion

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WowWee prepares the Fingerlings for a world expansionThe Fingerlings interactive toys are hoping to have their own Hatchimals moment this year. WowWee is already preparing for a world expansion.

The company has picked up Striker Entertainment for their worldwide licensing agency, ToyNews reports. This means that we can expect the Fingerlings to slowly make their way towards toy stores around the globe.

Striker and WowWee will work together to create and implement a worldwide strategy for the Fingerlings. And they have big goals.

“We are looking forward to building Fingerlings into a brand that will endure for years to come. With Strker’s assistance, we intend to be very strategic with respect to growing the Fingerlings brand, both in terms of an expanded offering and presentation”, said Ricahrd Yanofsky of WowWee.

“WowWee has another bonafide hit on its hands with Fingerlings. Our job is to develop a brand extension program that captures the magic of the Fingerlings and translate it into complimentary categories globally”, Russell Binder, partner at Striker Entertainment, added.

The toys are quite funky and can react to the surroundings, touch, sounds. Each Fingerling has a slightly different personality which means different ways of interacting. Would all of this be enough for the Fingerlings to become a huge hit like the Hatchimals? Given that the Hatchimals’ new version is only days away, it’s going to be an interesting race for the first place.