WowWee introduces a new Pinkfong Baby Shark collection of stuffies

WowWee introduces a new Pinkfong Baby Shark collection of stuffiesWowWee is famous for its interactive toys. Now it also adds interactive stuffed animals in the form of the new Pinkfong Baby Sharks.

They come in the popular Fingerlings line, but are not your typical Fingerlings. In fact, they are the first-ever licensed fingerlings and will ship to the US and Canada in late August 2019.

The lineup features three characters from the start. Each toy comes with a light-up fin and Magic Motion Sensors. Thanks to them the toys can respond to kids with lights, sounds, motion and singing.

“We’re excited to continue expanding the world of Baby Shark toys beginning with all new Song Puppets that utilize our innovative Tempo Control feature,” says Emily Chacra, brand manager at WowWee. “Both these, the new Baby Shark Fingerlings and the rest of the line allow children to interact with the popular song and their favorite characters in a whole new way!”

Unsurprisingly the new toys can sing the entire Baby Shark song. And you can vary the tempo of the song by moving the mouth faster or slower with your hand if you use the toys as puppets. You can expect the toys to mark both Shark Week and to be quite popular for the holidays.