World’s biggest LEGO store will be opened soon in Shanghai

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World's biggest LEGO store will be opened soon in Shanghai
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Dan Previte

LEGO is currently preparing to open its world’s biggest store. It will be in Shanghai’s Disneytown and it is going to be LEGO’s first flagship store in Asia.

The store will be about 1000 square meters which would make it by far the world’s biggest LEGO only store ever. The company is aiming to open the store in June of this year.

The gigantic LEGO store will mark the launch of the Shanghai Disneyland Park which will be located in Disneytown, ToyNews reports. The Disneytown area will feature a whole district with various shops, restaurants, entertainment.

The LEGO store will have pretty much the entire portfolio of playsets along with indoor and outdoor play areas, to keep you entertained. Furthermore the store will feature several giant LEGO models and buildings to make sure you are inspired to create.

And that is not all. On April 2nd of this year, in Shanghai’s Parkside Plaza will open doors the new Legoland Discovery Center. It will be of massive 3000 square meters and will feature some of the most impressive LEGO figures and buildings ever.