Woobo is the new cuddly smart stuffed animal which can talk with you

Woobo is the new cuddly smart stuffed animal which can talk with youInteractive plush animals continue to gain popularity. The new kid on the block is the cute looking Woobo. He is soft, fuzzy and ready to talk to you.

Woobo made his debut during the 2017 New York Toy Fair. He is a small, soft and fuzzy blue creature, resembling a round bear.

Despite being soft and fuzzy, Woobo has some last generation tech inside. He has access to voice recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) platforms which give him his impressive features.

All of this allows Woobo to talk and communicate with his owner. He can answer questions (basic question, but still…). Woobo can sing songs and read stories, too.

His face features an animated display. This allows Woobo to blink and emote various emotions and reactions. He has built-in sensors into his ears and stomach, too. Thanks to them he is able to sense a touch and react accordingly. He can also sense when he’s hugged and will buzz in response.

Parents can connect to Woobo via an app on their smartphones. This will allow them to load additional content on Woobo, but also use the toy to communicate with their kids from a distance. Woobo will perform an analysis on how the child is developing his or hers vocabulary and will inform the parents via the app, too.

The long term plans are to make many variations of Woobo in various colors, shapes and sizes. The first Woobo should be out by the end of this year, price is still not finalized.