Women’s Institute in the UK unveiled new Trauma Teddies for the police

Women's Institute in the UK unveiled new Trauma Teddies for the police
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We all know the important role stuffed animals and teddy bears can have for the police. Now the Women’s Institute in the UK is taking that to heart with a new initiative.

The women at the organization unveiled their own Trauma Teddies plushies, the Yorkshire post reported. The cute teddy bears are used by the North Yorkshire Police to comfort kids.

Trauma Teddies are cute, knitted teddy bears which the members of the Women’s Institute make themselves. They debuted at the Great Yorkshire Show.

“Whilst we are hoping we won’t need the teddies too often, officers will now have them ready to help any children who find themselves in an upsetting situation”, PC Hannah McPeake, of the Rural Taskforce says.

The Women’s Institute members heard about the successful use of stuffed animals by the police in other cities and countries. So, they decided to make this happen in Yorkshire, too.

Stuffed animals are a popular way for the police and emergency response teams to comfort and calm down children during stressful situations. The plushies bring some much needed comfort, so the police patrols will have at least one teddy bears in their cars.

Hopefully, they won’t really need them. But at least they know that when they do need them, they have a furry police partner to help them out.