Woman donates her entire toy store to charity

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Woman donates her entire toy store to charityWith the fast approaching holidays, a woman has decided to donate the entire stock of her toy store to charity. Including candy and stuffed animals.

Carol Suchman has taken the season of giving spirit to a whole new level, ABC7 reports. Suchman is from New York and owns a toy store and decided to give everything in it to homeless children. Actually, there is a little more to the story.

You see, Carol actually bought the entire toy store with that idea. She was walking by the store and saw a big sign that said it was for rent. Instead of renting she decided to negotiate the purchase of the store and then immediately donated all of its stock to homeless children.

“When I saw this toy store, I just realized I could do it on a grander scale for this one year,” Shuman said.

“We have a lot of supporters and a lot of people holding and coming to toy drives. But I have to say this is the first time ever anyone has bought an entire store just to donate it”, says Antonio Rodriguez from the Department of Homeless Services.

The store also had a lot of school supplies that were also donated. It is definitely an amazing gesture that is for sure unique. We are sure these toys and stuffed animals will bring some much needed joy and smiles to the children in need.