Woman creates a “happy tree” with more than 100 stuffed animals on it

Woman creates a "happy tree" with more than 100 stuffed animals on itIt’s no surprise that most people find stuffed animals very cute. So, when there’s something unusual with them, it’s an attraction. Like a real tree with plushies on it.

This is what Lisa Thomsen from Rocky View County in Calgary did. She made one of the trees in her yard a stuffed animal tree, Yahoo News reports.

Thomsen chose a medium size tree, about 4.5 meters tall with wide branches. To it she has tied more than 100 stuffed animals. As a result, it’s a real stuffed animal zoo in that tree.

There are lots of stuffies in the tree. From classic bears, to bears with ribbons, hugging bears, birds, elephants, even plush butterflies and snakes.

As you can imagine, the “happy tree” gets quite the attention. “The majority of responses I get are very positive — and I’ve been told to keep going. When I’m out there maintaining the tree, I get lots of honks and lots of waves,” Thomsen says.

The tree already has some big fans. Some people not only take photos, but ask questions, too. And some even go and buy stuffed animals to add to the tree.

Originally, Thomsen just wanted to spruce up the yard to give commuters something to look at when they are stuck in traffic, which she says happens often. So, first she added a plush lion to her fence, just to bring a smile. Then she also added a whale to the tree.

“The next day there was a three-foot giraffe standing next to the tree. And the day after that there were some more animals sitting under the tree. And it’s been non-stop. I get them every day, still, every weekend, still. It’s been two years.”

“I just think it means something to them to drive by and see something of theirs hanging on something they find so grand. Kids are just awe-inspired by this tree. They’ll stand there. Their mouths are wide open,” Thomsen says.

The happy tree already has a lot of fans. Some even send donations to keep going. It’s just her hobby, as she has a full-time job. Still, it’s a hobby she loves a lot. “I love my tree. I love the fact that most people love my tree, she said. “I think that that’s worth it right there: one happy moment in time.”