Why you should bring stuffed animals on your winter trips

Why you should bring stuffed animals on your winter tripsWinter trips can often become a bit longer and more unpleasant than expected. If you get snowed in or blocked a stuffed animal can be of great help in such cases.

Think about it. Stuffies are great companions. Let us remind you that quite a few adults actually carry stuffed animals with them during trips.

Here’s why you should bring stuffed animals on your winter trips

But stuffies can be a lot more useful than that. They can act as a great pillow while you’re stuck at the airport. They can help you keep a little bit warmer if you’re stuck in your car somewhere.

If you are traveling with children, then bringing stuffed animals is a must. Apart from comfort, warmth and/or a pillow, stuffies will be important entertainment for your kids. They will also learn to take care of their friends in bad situations.

Don’t think that would happen? Do not underestimate the children. A litle girl was once asked why she keeps carrying a scuffed old teddy bear that was also with shrinked stuffing so it seemed really ill. The girl said that her stuffed friend is ill and she need to take care of him.

Stuffed animals can also help kids ease the stress. Especially small children won’t be able to fully understand why they are being kept for hours at the airport or even worse – are sitting in the car not going home. When they see their brave stuffed friends being there for them, that will be of great help.

As you can see there are quite a few very valid reasons why you should bring stuffed animals on your winter trips. The question is how many stuffies you should bring and what sizes. Afterall your luggage is already overflowing.

Ideally a 10-or-so-inch stuffed animal would be a great choice. It is good to cuddle and play with and it would be a nice pillow. It is also a decent size and can be packed even into a backpack. That is don’t choose stuffies that have too much stuffing. Choose toys that are more moveable so that you can fit them more easy into your luggage. And of course, don’t forget to take them out for a breather from time to time even if your trip is going well, which we hope it would be the case.