Why stuffed animals are very important on Easter

Why stuffed animals are very important on Easter
Flickr (CC) / Steven Depolo

Easter is almost here and it’s a very important holiday for billions of people. But it’s also a very important time for stuffed animals.

During the Easter holidays many parents decide to “adopt” a bunny, a chicken or other animal. It seems very good at first, but the problems begin.

Taking care of an animal is a big responsibility and parents often don’t have the needed time. Kids on the other hand often see the pets as toys. Especially younger kids who still have to learn.

So, the real animal ends up uncared, unloved and unappreciated. Often it ends up being returned. All of that is not right.

And you can easily avoid it. Simply get a stuffed animal. Plushies are much easier to take care of. And they love to have fun with the kids.

Getting a stuffed animal also saves a real animal from a potential bad experience. Plus, plushies are a great way to give kids the important first lessons in taking care of someone else, especially real animals.

And if you really want to help a real animal out – you can get one, but also then you have to own up to your new responsibilities. If you’re not sure you can, you can still help – simply donate to an animal shelter, the local zoo or another charity. This way you will help out.