Why Spider-Man goes the Iron Man way with more and more new suits

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Why Spider-Man goes the Iron Man way with more and more new suitsSpider-Man is living a new life after being rebooted and Tom Holland did an awesome job in the role. Now there are lots of changes happening with the character.

There’s a new movie underway – Spider-Man: Far From Home. And while the franchise reboot started with Peter Parker and his homemade suit, it quickly got changed to a more high-tech one courtesy of Tony Stark.

Spidey got yet a another new suit in the Avengers movies. Now, it seems that he will have at least one more in the new movie.

So, the packaging for a Molten Man action figure recently revealed a third suit. Is it a new suit which will feature in the movie? Or is it just for the toy line?

Well, probably both. One of the reasons Spider-Man is going the Iron Man way and gets suit after suit is to keep things fresh and fans interested. The new abilities makes it easier for the movie to showcase new things and explain why the hero is able to handle them.

Another reason is the toy market. The more cool stuff there’s in the movie, the more toys companies can make and sell. So far, there’s no confirmation that the new suit will indeed be a part of the movie. Either way, we won’t be surprised if that’s the case.