Why some toys are worth far more than others and is it OK?

Why some toys are worth far more than others and is it OK?If you are reading this site, chances are you still have at least a couple of your favorite toys and stuffed animals from your childhood. That’s perfectly fine, but it also could mean you have some potential big bucks laying around.

Why? Because some toys, especially older ones, sometimes become rather expensive. A recent example is the Boba Fett action figure which sold for over $100 000.

And while such a high price may be a rare occasion, there are plenty of other toys which will sell for thousands of dollars. And there are a lot of new toys which in the years to come could also become very desirable.

As a result, many Funko POP vinyl figures, collectible action figures, limited edition Build-A-Bears and other stuffed animals and toys could and probably will become quite expensive as time goes on. Is that OK?

Well, it depends. Sometimes people try to artificially inflate the prices of some items they own. Their logic is simple – sell them for a far bigger profit that otherwise they would get.

But it also ruins the hobby a bit. Some true fans could be priced out of owning a dream toy, just because of speculators. It’s an unavoidable risk in any hobby actually. But as long as you are patient and realistic with your expectations, you should be fine.

So, if you have classic toys and want to sell them, try and do so for realistic prices. It’s tempting to try and get as much as you can from them, but this shouldn’t mean you have to go all out.