Whops, UK toy stores get overwhelmed with customers coming for their sales

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Whops, UK toy stores get overwhelmed with customers coming for their salesIt seems that these days if there’s one thing people don’t want to miss out on is store sales with big discounts. That’s what some UK retailers learned this past week.

Over the past week several major UK retailers, including Sainsburry’s, Smyths and Morrisons’ announced big toy sales. All of the sales will continue for a while, but that didn’t stop eager shoppers.

It turned out many people flocked to the stores in search of good deals. In fact, the customers were so many, that stock quickly ran out at many stores, The Sun reported.

People were disappointed because they either found half-empty shelves, the online stock was also low and there weren’t as many toys on offer as they expected. It’s both good news and bad news for the stores. It means their promotion is working and they are making big sales.

But it also leaves many unhappy customers, including those who were among the first to go to the stores and despite that see empty shelves. Of course, the stores always say that these promotions are “while stock lasts” and nothing lasts forever. So, in the end of the day, it’s to be expected, but probably stores should try and figure out ways how to make their promotions a bit less stressful.