Whiffer Sniffers Collectibles debut in Canada

Whiffer Sniffers Collectibles debut in CanadaWhiffer Sniffers will be making their market debut in Canada. The funky scented plush stuffed toys will come with their Original line.

They will be distributed by Toronto’s Incredible Novelties. Bearington Collection will begin the Canada push with its popular Original Whiffer Sniffer line of plush collectibles.

The toys were first launched in the US last year. They are scented plush characters with funky personalities. There are several scented stuffies in the collection. They vary in size – from huggable, to small clip-on plushies.

There are even assorted packs which feature scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers which can be collected, traded or simply displayed. The complete line of Whiffer Sniffers will hit the Canada stores this fall.

Saul Sacks, president of Incredible Novelties, adds: “We are thrilled to be adding Whiffer Sniffers to our toy sector here in Canada. We love the quality of these collectible plush characters, and can really see these little ones becoming a “scentsation” in the Canadian market.”

The prices are expected to be similar to the ones the toys have in the US. There the huggable toys are sold for $16 a pop.

The clip-on Whiffer Sniffers are half that price at $8. The sticker packs are $2.50.