Whiffer Sniffer stuffed animals debut in Canada

Whiffer Sniffer stuffed animals debut in CanadaThe popular scented stuffed animals Whiffer Sniffers are making their debut in Canada. All 160 mystery packs will be offered in Toys R Us.

The Whiffer Sniffers are popular scented plush toys. Each Sniffer is a dual character and can transform with ease. They are sold in mystery packs so you don’t know which one you are getting until you open it.

Since there are 160 Whiffer Sniffers already, you will have quite a lot of options. And of course, you can always trade doubles with friends for Whiffers you don’t have in your collection.

The plushies have grown to be quite popular in the US. Now they will make their way to Canada as well.

“We can really see little ones engaging in imaginative play with Whiffer Sniffers. We are excited to see what rare characters are found in the 160 mystery gold packs.” said Saul Sacks, president of Incredible Novelties to ToyNews.

Series one and two are already available in Toys R Us in Canada nationwide. They are exclusive to the toy retailer for the time being.