Which stuffed animals made the Insider list of most wanted toys

Which stuffed animals made the Insider list of most wanted toysIs that time of the year when there are lists for everything everywhere. That includes lots of most wanted toy lists. Business Insider also made one.

Insider says their list is a round up after several events, retailers and showcase events. It features a total of 21 toys.

Among them are things you expect like LOL Surprise, Incredibles 2 action figures and a lot more. There are also LEGO sets and several dinosaurs action figures.

But what about plush toys and stuffed animals? Well, they are your usual suspects. Among them are the Hatchibabies by Hatchimals. These new interactive plushies need to be taken care of. You will have to feed them burp them, play with them and more. There are also several accessories that come along with the toy to help the process.

Also making the list are the Fingerlings Hugs. They are bigger and sport looong hands in order to be able to hug you better. As their original predecessors, the Fingerlings Hugs are interactive and can blow kisses, respond to being held upside down and you can rock them to sleep. They can also repeat back words and there are also a unicorn and a sloth version.

We would also add all classic stuffed animals to the list too. They always are a great gift and love the holidays.