What your favorite stuffed animals says about you

What your favorite stuffed animals says about youDo you have lots of teddy bears? Or maybe lots of stuffed dogs? Your favorite stuffed animal can actually be a window to your character and show something about you.

The reason for that is simple. Stuffed animals are representation of real animals. So it is natural that you would have a big number of say, stuffed parrots, that you like real parrots.

There are lots of schools of thought what your favorite animal says about you. But if your guests follow these types of things and see what kinds of stuffies you have displayed in your home, you might be telling them more about yourself than you actually realize.

For example, if your favorite animal is a dog, it means you are loyal to your close ones, love them very much and are ready to do almost anything for them. You have a great intuition and if you “bark” a lot usually you don’t really “bite”.

If you like cats it means you are clever and calculating. It also means you like to be independent and you like to do things your own way.

Love bears? You like to lead. You may look a bit intimidating from time to time, but you are also very soft inside… if you let anyone close enough to see it.

If you love lions, it may mean you are always seeking the spotlight. You want to lead and have a majestic presence. You always have high goals.

If the horse is favorite animal it may point that you are restless. You are not afraid to work a lot, but you also like to have fun and “run like a free horse”. You like adventures.

Elephants are also one of the most liked animals. People who love elephants usually are down to earth, always thinking, calm and collected. You are also very protectful of loved ones.

Like tigers the most? You then are most likely to like to do things your own way and are very direct and frank about it. You don’t hide your feelings which sometimes may cause you problems.

Monkeys are also quite loved. They may point that you like enjoying yourself. You like the fast pace and are almost never still. You also can change as a person with ease.

If you love wolfs then you are most likely a noble individual. You are not afraid to be alone and you feel confident and capable of anything you want to do. You are also very intense and determined once you’ve set a goal.

Are foxes your favorite animals? This can mean you are independent, clever. You seem calm and cool but you are very passionate and easy to adapt.

If you love dolphins then you are most likely a person who has a taste in nice pretty things. You are also very intelligent and social. You want to be around others as much as possible.

If you like parrots usually you are also a social person. You are also great at communicating and can be very entertaining. You like to be above the negativity and always try to find the positive.

Of course there are also quite a lot of other animals as well. Sadly it would be difficult to describe them all. But these ones above will give you a general idea of the different animal types. And also remember that this is mostly folklore based on the “personal atributes” that we have about animals.