What to know about Build a Bear

build a bear
Build a Bear teddys from a YouTube clip

You’ve probably heard about Build a Bear. But while you may know the name you may not know more that this is a company that makes teddy bears. At least that’s what we’re asked the most.

Actually Build a Bear has a very interesting concept. The company makes not only teddy bears but other stuffed animals as well. Along with that it makes a lot of accessories for the stuffies.

But the most interesting part about Build a Bear is the concept of allowing people to almost fully customize their toys before they even buy them. This is why their stores actually are called Workshops. You can buy a ready made toy, but you can also spend as much time as you want browsing through the variety and personalizing your new additions to the collection.

The idea here is that you can get themed stuffies, say with Batman logos all over them or many other types of colors and popular characters. Then you can dress them up the way you want, give them accessories and so on. You can either create your dream stuffie or do one for a gift.

Some Build a Bear toys also can talk. You can even record messages and have them installed into the bear so that it will play them. There’s even an option to fully make your future teddy complete with stuffing and stitching them. Of course you will get help so that the end result is professional. After that you get a Birth Certificate for your new toy.

The company was founded in 1997 when the first store/workshop opened in the USA. Today Build a Bear has more than 400 stores worldwide and over 125 million plushies sold. Many people have built entire collections of Build a Bear…bears. The company is also doing a lot ot charity work, giving away toys for various causes. There’s even a Build a Bear Workshop Foundation.