What to expect from toys in the new decade

What to expect from toys in the new decadeWe’re entering a new decade. People have a lot of big expectations for the next few years and it certainly looks like they’re going to be very dynamic.

There are a lot of changes coming it lots of areas. From technology, to medicine and many other industries. They will all expand and evolve.

Naturally, toys will also follow suit. Advancements in areas like tech will effect toys, too.

As a result, toys will continue to become more interactive and offer more digital features. They will get “smarter” and offer more ways of playing.

Sustainability is also going to be a big topic in the world of toys. Many toy makers are already working on big plans to make their toys more eco-friendly. This will bring changes to the used materials and possibly the prices of toys, too.

Movies will probably continue to be a driving force behind most new toys, too. Along with the occasional solo hit like the Hatchimals, LOL Surprise or others.

The toy industry will change a bit, also probably not as drastically as other areas. It will have to continue to grow and battle other areas of entertainment like video games and mobile devices. They are the prime competition for toys and kids’ attention. It will continue to be a tough challenge which the toy industry will have to continue working out on how to solve.