What to do with the unwanted toys from the holidays

What to do with the unwanted toys from the holidays
Image credit: Indy Fuel

Yes, that happens in some homes. The toys are just too much. So what to do? How about giving them to people that need them. Here are some ideas.

CBS Local has found a special store called The Toy Shelf. It’s in the back of Special Floral in North St. Paul.

“I think the word is out that we accept stuffed animals,” Norma Worm said. She and Dawn Peterson co-founded The Toy Shelf. “Our purpose is to provide free toys to those in need”.

So, if you have toys that need a new home, you can bring them to The Toy Shelf. Two days a week families can come and “shop” for free.

“I remember one parent said ‘I never had to do this before,’ and so he was very appreciative as is all of them,” said Peterson. In order to shop at The Toy Shelf, a person must show a proof of address with a zip code of 55109, 55119 or 55128.

The organization accepts donations at Specialty Floral at 2553 East Seventh Street in North St. Paul, as well as North St. Paul City Hall, Oakdale City Hall and the Oakdale Recreation – Discovery Center.

Sharing and Caring Hands in downtown Minneapolis is another charity organization which always needs stuffed animals, toys, clothes. The donations go to 700 homeless children at Mary’s Place.

Sharing and Caring Hands accepts donations Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to noon. The warehouse is located at 525 North Seventh Street in Minneapolis.

You can also see a list with a lot more charity organizations here.