What stuffed animals say about your character

What stuffed animals say about your characterYou’ve probably heard the saying that you can get to know a person by seeing their friends or surroundings and belongings. It’s arbitrary as to how true is that. But lets assume that there’s some reason behind. Then what if you come across a person who loves to collect stuffed animals? What do stuffed animals say about their character?

First to clarify something. You shouldn’t base your final¬†decisions about a person on their belongings, but they can be used as a useful guide to get an impression of what to expect. They though do not guarantee that your expectaions will be proved.

The five types of characters depending on stuffed animals

Lets get down to business. We start with the classical stuff. You or your new friend have just one or two classic teddy bears visible in some room. Usually this means that the person is down to earth, maybe even a bit old-fasioned. If they mention the soft toy themselves, most likely they will tell you it’s from childhood or it caries some special memory.¬†It means that they value the good times and try to keep them close. It may also mean they tend to stick to the past.

Maybe you come across a person who keeps one or more old stuffed animals around. Not exactly teddy bears. These are the sentimental types that like to hold on to nice memories. It won’t be very difficult to create new nice memories with them and for them but don’t think that will make them forget the ones they had before you came along.

Next, the person that makes stuffed toys themselves. This means that you deal with a person of greater than normal creativity that extends to various places such as craftsmanship, a more developed fantasy and etc. Usually these are people of greater intelligence but they also like child-like activities. It won’t be very easy to impress such a person with normal things.

But what if you see a gigantic soft toy just staring at you as you enter the room? Run away? No, relax, it’s just a stuffed animal, not a real one. That person usually likes the big and flashy things. They prefer to go to the top shelf and may not be very easy to please.

Next, the people with vast collections of stuffed animals. That’s their hobby meaning they might have a lot of free time. Or it’s just their way of relaxing and lowering stress. Nothing bad in either of these. They also are the kind that like to share and talk about hobbies and other topics. Their fantasy also might be a bit higher than average.

Those are some of the general first impressions you might get about a person’s character based on their stuffed animals. Do you have more input on this? We’d love to hear from you here or in our forum.