What is artificial intelligence doing to us?

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Futix, CEO

Dear friends,

Thank you for once again having the patience to read my attempts to produce a story to capture your hearts. Our site stuffedparty will soon be ten years old, we have survived all kinds of challenges and we are still here thanks to you, and we owe you so much. Thanks for being together again and I want to continue to tell you all the best of the collector stories. Today I will meet you with the founder of our digital home, the CEO Futix.

He is a professional writer and journalist in the field of technology, cars and also a passionate collector. Thanks to him, thousands of widgets, models and collections come to life. I’m also part of a stuffed animal collection, but I’m also interested in cars, so I like legendary car show hosts. These old dogs set the line for behavior and everyone tries to emulate them. I’ll try not to, correct me if I’m wrong. Everyone needs a guide.

The leader sets the direction and everyone else follows. I’ll become a luminary too, I’m sure. I wish I knew when.

I begin my interview.

Mr. Chief Director, My first question to you is: When will the driver’s license disappear after artificial intelligence will drive our cars?

Answer: And now many people drive without a license.

Second question: How should we behave on the street if we meet artificial intelligence, should we give it priority?

Answer: If we do not provide him with an advantage, it will take it by itself.

Question Three: Are you worried about your corn if IT starts writing instead of you? Who will feed you?

Answer: This same AI, he will sow it, process it and harvest it, All that will remain for me is to eat it.

Fourth Question: How much time do you give humanity before it realizes that nothing depends on it?

Answer: Humanity already knows it.

Question Five: Does IT make the Earth go round?

Answer: Not only the Earth, but the entire universe.

Question Six: Is it possible that we too were created by AI?

Answer: Is there another kind of intelligence?!

Question Seven: What’s next after the smartphone?

Answer: The carrier pigeon.

Eighth question: What should the next Noah’s Ark contain?

Answer: Only one flash drive.

Question 9: Natural or artificial intelligence?

Answer: You might be asking me, which came first, the chicken or the egg? When I find the answer to this question, I will know where I came from… Oh yes, it was about AI. You don’t want to know.

Question 10: Where will we end up if AI replaces politicians?

Answer: With Adam and Eve before they were sent to earth. HEAVEN!

Question: Fear or hope?

Answer: Rather fantasy… Thank you for the pleasure and peace you have implanted in me!