What happens with the stuffed animals after a Teddy Bear Toss (VIDEO)

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What happens with the stuffed animals after a Teddy Bear Toss (VIDEO)Thousands of stuffed animals have been donated during the various Teddy Bear Toss events. What happens with the toys now? Let’s find out!

As you can imagine, stuffed animals have a tendency to take up quite a lot of space. So imagine what’s like to gather and then organize several thousand stuffies at a time. This is what happened in the showroom of the New York Sash after the Utica College game which had a Teddy Bear Toss event.

The entire office was simply filled with all kinds of stuffed animals. The rooms, the halls. There are stuffed animals everywhere and this makes walking through the office a bit of a challenge. Still, it also makes the office a very nice and fun place to be.

Several volunteers are busy organizing all of the collected toys and doing the official count. The bears and plush toys will be donated to local agencies including Operation Sunshine, the Marine Corps League’s Toys for Tots and Time Warner Cable’s Toys for Kids.

This kind of work is going on in lots of offices around the US at the moment. Hockey teams are still going strong with their own Teddy Bear Toss events. The tens of thousands of donated stuffed animals will be given to various charity organizations, hospitals, emergency response teams, hospitals and children in need. The end goal is simple – to bring a smile to as much children as possible.

The events are rising in popularity and almost every year they beat their previous year’s achievements. Fans also love them, as well as the teams. Although, they do have an increased pressure of scoring during the special game. Happily, they do manage with the challenge. Now, enjoy the view of hundreds of stuffed animals filling the New York Sash Showroom, as recorded by WIBX: