What are Webkinz stuffed animals

What are Webkinz stuffed animals
Image credit: Webkinz / YouTube Video

Webkinz stuffed animals are a new generation of stuffies that take good use of the latest technologies. Webkinz toys can be very entertaining. Lets check them out.

Webkins stuffed animals were first launched in 2005 by the Canadian toy company Ganz. At first they are regular stuffed toys that are very cute. But each Webkinz stuffed animal also has a “Secret Code” attached to it.

You can enter it on Webkinz’s site and you will receive a virtual version of your stuffie. With it you will be able to play various online games.

Slowly Webkinz expanded. Currently they sell their toys in USA and Canada but also offer virtual stuffed animals for purchase worldwide.

Webkinz offers a wide arrange of stuffies. The regular ones are with decent size while the Lil’ Kinz are smaller and less expensive. There was also a Zodiac collection with one Zodiac toy released every month along with its constellation.

Currently the company offers hundreds of stuffed animals. Webkinz also offers various accessories for the stuffed animals. These include clothes, ornaments, purses, knapsacks, even a Webkinz Body Spritz to add some scent to your toys. Purchases of real world items often unlock bonus items or features in the virtual world of your stuffed animal.

With the popularity of mobile technology rising, the company also has various mobile apps. They include a few games and etc. Webkinz also has a Kinzapedia with information about their stuffies.

There is also a special part of the Webkinz World for kids aged 3 and up. They can have access to special features and their parents have a special Parent’s Area for easy monitoring.

There are also two levels of membership. The Deluxe one is the top level with extra features and lower prices on most offers in the online store. This does not apply for items on sale which offer the discounts for everyone.