What are the best wishes for Christmas and can we live without AI?

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What are the best wishes for Christmas and can we live without AI?

The Christmas holidays are the most significant event of the year and the most awaited celebration by young and old. These festivities have undergone various metamorphoses over the years and reach their apogee this year. One thing remains unchanged, in the age of gasoline and electric cars, and that is Santa’s means of transportation. He remains faithful to his sleigh pulled by Rudolph the reindeer. But how to welcome him? There are two ways to celebrate: the old-fashioned, analog way of gathering all the loved ones around the tree, and the modern digital way, standing in front of our phone screens. Which one do you prefer?

Before that, let’s first answer the question, who is Santa Claus? Don’t you think it’s the oldest form of AI? I know right now what you’re thinking about me. Yes you are right. But still, let’s think together. He reads our letters, fulfills all our wishes and brings us the much-desired gifts. Someone would exclaim: “So this is AI and nothing else”! And the fact that he disappears without us even seeing him, what does it mean? Take it easy, don’t panic. The good old man is so important to us that we do not even suspect if he really exists, and we ourselves are also so important to him. But how can we explain that when we think positively and wish for something, it comes true.

On the contrary, when we are negative and hateful, everything gets confused and diseases and troubles begin to appear. Can you guess to what I’m hinting? For those who understand, this is another reason to hope, for the others it is another conclusion: “Why does no one love me”. This is the magic called Santa Claus.

There are two main types of people, those who believe in him and those who hope he exists. I am very amused when I hear someone denying it, and in the morning when it becomes “involuntary” to look under the Christmas tree. Ha, ha! What is he looking for there? I will tell you, I will not torture you. No, you didn’t guess this time. The hater is there looking for the reason for his low self-esteem and hoping for a miracle.

But he won’t find one under the Christmas tree. There he can only find hope and confidence, believe in goodness and only then seek a “gift” from the old man. As the old wisdom says: “You reap what you sow”. If you really believe in Santa Claus, he will start leaving a present for you under the tree, just as he does for everyone else by entering through the chimney and fulfilling their wishes.
For us, the most wonderful moment of the year remains, namely the unwrapping of presents. An unforgettable feeling and pleasure that we have been waiting for all year and will keep us warm until next Christmas. Well, is it worth believing in the good old man? We can only profit from his existence and infect others to do many good deeds. Believe in goodness and don’t wait for retribution, it will find and reward you on its own.

Stuffedparty wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay healthy and may luck never leave you. Be positive, believe and hope. The best is yet to come. I remain here in the same place and I will wait for you in the coming year as well, so that we can hold our meetings filled with much love and hope. May the coming year be better than the present and worse than the next. Clever, isn’t it?! I love you! In conclusion, I will tell you that no one will ever be able to say: “Farewell, Santa Claus”, and he will not turn his back on us. Remember that!