What are organic stuffed animals and are they a new trend?

What are organic stuffed animals and are they a new trend?
Image credit: Bears for Humanity on Facebook

Organic stuffed animals are starting to become quite popular. That phrase can sound a little confusing, though. Don’t worry, they aren’t real animals.

Organic stuffed animals can indeed sound like there’s something real in them. And there is, but not any actual animal parts.

Instead, what organic stuffed animals really mean is that they are made with organic materials. They aren’t your typical polyester and plastic plushies. They come with actual, organic materials.

For example, such a toy can feature organic cotton. And you can’t just add one such material and call your toy “organic”. There’s actually quite the process, GreenMatters reports.

To call a stuffed animal “certified organic” each manufacturer has to follow a special process. There are several strict production standards. For example, the company can’t use certain chemicals and even the working conditions have to be “ethical”.

Basically, everything involved in making an organic stuffed animal, has to be… well organic, eco-friendly and safe. Only then can such a toy earn that certificate.

There are already a few companies which make only such organic stuffed animals. Some of them are Bears for Humanity, Under the Nile , Elly Lu Organics and Apple Park.

Would these types of toys become the next big thing? Unlikely. They will for sure though have a lot of fans and will become a popular, but still niche, market.