Weird toy of the week: Human waste plushies

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Weird toy of the week: Human waste plushies - Pee & Poo

There are a lot of crazy toys out there. Especially in Japan where they love the unusual. Like these human waste plushies that are called Pee & Poo…

They can even act as your new keychain as they come with a thing to attach your keys to. Well, that’s one way to ensure no one will steal your keys, no? Pee&Poo are made from cotton plush and are sold as a set.

Despite their names, they are completely clean and safe. They also have a CE-certification and are suitable for all ages. In reality they are made to serve two purposes Рbe a funny gift to a friend or serve as education toys. According to the company that makes them, Pee & Poo can also be used for potty training.

Both toys are with similar sizes. They are 6 inches and 5.5 inches tall. They might be especially popular in Japan, but they are actually designed by Emma Megitt way back 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden. The toys have been all over the world and are bringing both smiles and wonderment to people. They are an instant conversation starter and an instant eyebrow raiser.

So, if you want to make people wonder or simply stand in amazement, get yourself a set of Pee & Poo. But remember, that they are for people with a sense of humor.

If they are too much for you, might we remind you of the Ebola stuffies last year? They turned into a big hit both as a gag gift, but mostly for education purposes.

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