Watch 28 815 stuffed animals set a record for a Teddy Bear Toss

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Watch 28 815 stuffed animals set a record for a Teddy Bear Toss
Image credit: The Calgary Hitmen

The Calgary Hitmen and their fans set a new record at their annual Teddy Bear Toss event by gathering 28 815 stuffed animals for charity.

Last year the team collected 25 214 stuffed animals, which was a record for them. But they wanted to beat it this year so they rallied up their fans from ealier and the results paid off.

Last night the fans sold out the Saddledome for the first time ever in the Teddy Bear Toss history of the team. That meant a total of 19 289 fans threw 28 815 stuffed animals onto the ice. This is approximately 1.5 stuffies per person.

All of the stuffed aniamsl will be given to various charities and will be used to bring a smile to children in need. Usually the toys are picked up from the ice by volunteers. But the event is so special for the Calgary Hitmen team, that the players also helped out in the gathering of the toys.

It took about 40 minutes to get all of the stuffies thrown onto the ice and then collected. Everyone were very happy and the team is already hoping next year it will crack 30 000 stuffed animals in their next annual Teddy Bear Toss.

Now, simply enjoy the incredible sight.