Warner Bros Animation confirms a new animated spin-off series for The Flinstones

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Warner Bros Animation confirms a new animated spin-off series for The FlinstonesThe Flinstones have been around forever and are still relevant. Warner Bros Animation is now planning a new spin-off animated series with the characters.

The new series is called Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs. It will focus on the younger characters in the families – Pebbles Flinstone and Bamm-Bamm Rubble, ToyNews reports.

As the name suggests, we will also get to see some dinosaurs in the series. Warner Bros. Animation has tapped the Irish outfit Salty Dog Pictures to produce the series that will also feature Dino as the trio travel beyond Bedrock into the Crags.

Salty Dog Pictures is one of Ireland’s leading animation studios. “It is wonderful that Salty Dog Pictures, an Irish company is involved in the re-introduction of these wonderful characters to a new generation across the globe. It is a testament to the quality of industry and the people who are employed here that another international company is seeking their services”, John Phelan, chairman of Animation Ireland, said.

If the series is successful, you can expect a slew of new Flinstones toys to also make their way to the market. This will be fun, but it will probably take some time before it happens. Still, keep your eyes peeled.