Walmart releases its “Top Rated by Kids” toy list

Walmart releases its "Top Rated by Kids" toy list
Image credit: Walmart

Walmart released its yearly list of “Top Rated By Kids toys”. This year it features 48 different toys which makes it the biggest list so far. It also adds a new category – gaming.

Walmart makes the list after gathering kids who test hundreds of games, dolls and gadgets. Then the kids pick their favorites for the holiday season.

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for parents to find the perfect toys for their children. Our customers count on us to have an unbelievable selection of top toys at incredible prices for every gifting occasion. And, that’s especially true during the holidays”, Anne Marie Kehoe, Vice President of Toys at Walmart says.

Walmart also says it has increased its toy selection by 25%. It also offers over 40 new toys from kid-influencer brands and makes new in-store experiences. One of them will be the National Play Day on September 14th.

The Top Rated by Kids list features several trends. Here they are as written by Walmart:

  • Famous Friends: Inspired by the make-believe adventures of their favorite famous characters, kids are bringing their furry friends, heroes and role models into playtime. Toys based on this year’s hottest cinema and TV shows are inspiring kids to reenact the action from the big and small screens and create their own adventures. Here are a few of the exciting toys chosen in this trend:

6V Plush Simba (*Walmart exclusive)
Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak (*Walmart exclusive gift box)
Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Super Paws Lookout Tower

  • Unboxing Toys: The thrill of surprise toys continues to excite kids. Adding an extra layer of fun, this year’s unboxing toys are more than just collecting the most sought-after items – they inspire kids to find new ways to play with their toys and create unique adventures based on their interests. This trend includes toys like:

LOL Surprise 2-N-1 Glamper
Tic Tac Toy XOXO Friends Multipack
What’s In My Purse – Doll Purse (*Walmart exclusive)

  • Interactive Toys: Kids love toys that respond while playing. From toys that talk, hug, dance and change color, these toys engage the imagination and creativity of kids as they express their personalities through play. This year’s interactive toys are sure to excite, and include the following show-stoppers:

Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing Station Value Box (*Walmart exclusive)
Juno The Baby Elephant
Nascar Crash Racers Track Set (*Walmart exclusive)

  • Outdoor Fun: The desire to play in the great outdoors is big for kids this year, and they are looking to roll up to their playdates in style. Whether they’re driving, sliding, scooting or hovering, kids are finding new ways to get around and play outside. Here are a few of the toys sure to drive excitement this year:

24V Real Tree UTV (*Walmart exclusive)
Hover-1 Hoverboard and Kart Combo (*Walmart exclusive)
Hover-1 Transport Scooter (*Walmart exclusive)

  • Aspirational Play: Whether preparing to take flight, go glamping, own a pet, or cook a gourmet meal, there are no limits to creativity and no boundaries on what kids can be when playing with these toys. Kids these days are also inspired to do their part in making the world a better place which is evident through kids’ top toy choices that involve caring for their pretend friends. These are just a few of the toys inspiring kids this holiday season:

Barbie Dreamplane
Kindi Kids Doll
Scruff-A-Luv My Real Rescue (*Walmart exclusive)

  • Gaming: Whether it’s a rainy day or as kids get older, they want to enhance their digital adventures as clearly influenced by the ever-growing gaming community. Kids who are looking to get in on the action want consoles and accessories to guarantee a superior gaming experience. The toys that will help kids step up their game include:

Cynosa Chroma Keyboard
HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop
Kraken Grn 2019

Want to find out the entire list? It’s right here.