Video: John Cena’s secret stuffed animal hobby

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Video: John Cena's secret stuffed animal hobbyCelebrities also like stuffed animals, but sadly most of them hide their hobby. WWE Superstar John Cena on the other hand has a more humorous approach.

Cena appeared on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” to promote the upcoming SummerSlam PPV and to grant his record 500th wish for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Most of the appearance was your usual talk show.

But then Cena’s time was up so he left. It turned out he had left his wallet behind, presumably because it fell out of his pocket. Despite being in the middle of the show, Seth Meyers decided to go and find John Cena to give him his wallet back.

After some wondering in the backstage halls, Meyers finally found Cena, but what he saw wasn’t exactly what we would expect from the 15 time world champion.

Cena was in fact having a tea party with a couple of stuffed animals – a stuffed elephant and a teddy bear. Cena didn’t seem embarraced much by being spotted by Meyers. In fact, he completed serving tea and sugar to his stuffed friends, noting that his teddy bear like her tea sweet.

For whatever reason, Cena was also sporting a tutu. Actually this is somewhat of a tradition for Meyers’s wrestler guests. The Rock has also worn a tutu on the show. It is a comical skit, but shows a tender side of Cena, even if it is just for the show. Would this be a prelude to a John Cena teddy bear? If the skit catches on and fans start turning up at the shows with teddy bears, you never know. You may even have your own WWE teddy bear toss once a year and donate the stuffies.

But so far this is only a wild guess. For now, enjoy the funny skit embedded below: