Vermont Teddy Bear marks its 35th anniversary

Vermont Teddy Bear marks its 35th anniversaryThe toy company Vermont Teddy Bear marks its 35th anniversary. It started with a man with a cart and grew to one of the most famous US toy companies.

The company has created a special 35th anniversary teddy bear. It comes with a Maple landmark medallion and an 8-ounce bottle of maple syrup.

The teddy bear is wearing a cardigan with maple leaf buttons. Basically, one thing it is not short of is maple. The teddy bear is 15-inches tall and features a mark with the years of the company on one of its paws.

“This Bear is the quintessential Vermonter”, says the company on its site. It is handmade in Vermont. And the company offers the bear with lifetime guarantee.

Unique teddy bears

“Vermont Teddy Bear started from a simple idea: to create quality, handmade bears right here in Vermont. Our 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Bear not only encompasses this simple and important idea, but he also represents Vermont in a very special way: by honoring the centuries-old tradition of maple sugaring”, Bill Shouldice, Vermont Teddy Bear CEO, said to SheburneNews.

The company has big plans for its future. It will continue to develop new teddy bears and improve their quality. It will also continue to expand in the region and has become an integral part of the local community.

“I think that one of the really interesting things about Teddy Bear is the number of lives the company has touched”, manager Abby Temeles noted. She wants to strengthen this bond with the local community and hopes to make the space even more of a local spot.

One of the main goals for Vermont Teddy Bear for the future is to remain “meaningfully unique”. This includes not only the toys it makes, but the way it connects with the people.

“Over time, the bears became more unique,” Bill Shouldice, Vermont Teddy Bear CEO, said. What hasn’t changed, though, is that the bears are all designed, cut, sewn, stuffed, and stitched in Vermont. This will continue to be so.