Vermont Teddy Bear makes 750 stuffed animals a day from 11 000 pieces

Vermont Teddy Bear makes 750 stuffed animals a day from 11 000 piecesVermont Teddy Bear invited journalists over to its factory and revealed some interesting details about its manufacturing process. Let’s find them out!

WCAX Channel 3 was at the factory where Sam Jackman, the assistant store manager, lead the tour. He revealed some of the tiny details and tidbits that go into making a teddy bear.

Vermont Teddy Bear makes about 750 stuffed animals a day. Each has around 20 parts. This means the workers have to cut to shape about 11 000 pieces every day.

Then, the ready pieces go to the sewing stations. There workers start to put the bears together. Jackman says each bear is made in the same factory. They don’t go anywhere else to be completed or to have something added to them.

Vermont Teddy Bear is famous with its themed bears. Jackman says the company is inspired by almost everything around. And a lot of times customers actually come with the suggestions. Currently, the most popular bear is the Honey bear.

“It’s really important for us to have bears that represent everybody, for every different walk of life,” said Jackman. “And so we have outfits that really represent everyone, but our bears didn’t always match that, and now they do.”

After the bears are sewn together, it’s time for the stuffing. The company prides itself by using high quality materials. This goes with the life-time warranty of each teddy bear the company makes.

Finally, the factory has a special Teddy Bear Hospital. This is were damaged bears come to be fixed. If a bear needs a stitch-up job or even entire parts replaced, it comes at the hospital as part of the warranty.

Headlining the hospital is Dr. Nancy. She says she fixes about 20-25 bears a day.