UVD Toys and Kyle Kirwan want to bring a plush version of Willo

UVD Toys and Kyle Kirwan want to bring a plush version of WilloPopular character Willo from The Mudcat Chronicles by Kyle Kirwan is coming to life in plush form. Kirwan is teaming with UVD Toys to make a new plush toy.

Kirwan and his fiancé travel the US in an RV which serves as inspiration for many of the stories and characters in the Chronicles. Willo though remains one of the most popular among them.

The unique character is know to be quite big – five to six feet tall, but docile and cuddly. Willo lives in the world of Dor and is timid and shy by nature.

You can’t mistake one, as they are pink or other bright colors. You have to steer clear of the black Willos as they are more dangerous, but the pink Willo brings luck.

This is exactly the Willo UVD Toys are making. They want to bring one to life in plush form. For this, they need funding in a Kickstarter campaign.

If the funding campaign is successful, the company will be able to make a 9.5-inch tall Willo plush. The toy will be 8-inches wide – a size ideal for cuddling. Also, the bottom is weighed to allow the plushie to sit comfortably.

There are about 25 days left in the campaign. One Willo plush will cost $30. If there’s funding, the toys will make their way to the fans by January 2018.