Using stuffed animals as travel companions

Using stuffed animals as travel companionsIf you are traveling often, you might want to have some connection with your home. Using stuffed animals as travel companions is a great way to have that and feel comfortable even if you’re on the other side of the world. Plus they are great for some fun photos with landmarks.

Studies have shown that a lot of people take stuffed toys when they travel. For example Travelogde says that 25% of British men take their favorite teddy bear with them when they are going abroad for business or education or a holiday. The usual reason for that is a way to remember home and help them fall asleep easier.

So there’s plenty of good reason why you should use stuffed animals as travel companions. But how to go about it? After all when you travel you deal with luggage, little space and other issues.

Top tips for getting the best out of stuffed animals as travel companions

First up the obvious stuff. The question about size. Yes, it’s better to hug a big teddy bear than a small one. But it will take way too much space in you luggage. On the other hand, if the toy is too small it kind of defeats the point, unless this is your most favorite soft toy.

It’s also best not to take animated stuffed animals with wire frames in them or electronics. That will just cause confusion with the airport security plus it’s easier to pack a classic soft stuffed animal than one with hard bits in it. Plus keep in mind you will need some extra room for souvenirs.

Actually, if you’re not the nostalgic type, you can combine your hobby with some new additions. For example you might not take your own stuffed toy but buy a new one, or new ones,¬†when you arrive at your destination and use the new stuffed animals as travel companions. This way you have some new friends and souvenirs from your trip.

Do you have any more tips about using stuffed animals as travel companions? We are looking forward to them in the comments or in our forum. Also we’d like to hear your stories and whether you too take soft toys along with you on your trips.