US Senator wants answers from CloudPets about their hacked teddy bears

US Senator wants answers from CloudPets about their hacked teddy bearsSpiral Toys continues to have problems with its CloudPets teddy bears. They were hacked a while back and now even a US Senator wants answers.

Bill Nelson (D-FL) is a ranking member of the Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. He has sent Spiral Toys 10 questions demanding answers to them, The Register reports.

Nelson acts after the reports that the company was informed about the issue months ago and didn’t react. After the problem was made public, it still only said there were no real reason to worry.

Here’s the full story. In short, CloudPets were using an unsecured database which was pretty much accessible from anyone and everyone all over the world. That exposed the records of hundreds of thousands of users, including emails, passwords. Even worse, there were about 2 million voice recordings from chats between children and their parents sent through the toys and the mobile apps.

Nelson now wants SpiralToys to take the time and explain step-by-step what happened, were there any protection to the database and more. He also wants to see if the company is working under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.┬áIt has even stricter rules about data protection and it can land the company in even hotter water.

It’s up to the company to decide how or if it will respond. The whole thing though shows there won’t be an easy way out for the company. People won’t let things slide that easily and it will have to take responsibility.