Universal Studios Japan unveiled a Hello Kitty Chucky plush toy

Universal Studios Japan unveiled a Hello Kitty Chucky plush toyUniversal Studios Japan has just unveiled several new plush animals and toys. Amongst them is a Hello Kitty Chucky plushie, Elmo and Snoopy. Here they are.

The Hello Kitty Chucky plush is developed in collaboration with Sanrio. It is made just in time for the Universal Studio Japan’s annual Halloween celebrations, and this is the reason it looks a little bit scary. This means the stuffed animal will go on sale next month, Kotaku reports.

Hello Kitty has had many collaborations over the years. There have been many special version of Hello Kitty. Inclunding from the Ring series and many others. This latest version will also be called Hello Chucky.

A scary makeover is also given to Snoopy and Elmo, although they will mostly just be wearing special costumes. Hello Chuky on the other hand will feature “makeup”as well.

Elmo, Snoopy and Hello Kitty plush toys

If you want one, you better get prepared quickly, as they will most likely be going fast. All special editions of Hello Kitty usually are.

If you want more Hello Kitty in your life, remember, there is a Hello Kitty Tour in the USA now, and there are also lots of other special toys, too. You can also make a Hello KItty stuffed animal yourself, or get prepared for the upcoming movie.