Unique stuffed animals allow you to record and keep the sound of a baby’s heartbeat

Unique stuffed animals allow you to record and keep the sound of a baby's heartbeatHearing the beating heart of a baby for the first time is a big thrill. You can now save this moment with My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear unique stuffed animals.

The unique line of stuffed animals began first with a teddy bear, hence the name. Now though, it features several different stuffed animals with the same possibilities.

The Heartbeat plushies have a heart-shaped recorder. It can be brought to the doctor’s office when the pregnant mother has her regular ultrasound or Doppler unit. With it you can then record the first sounds of your baby’s heartbeat and keep them forever.

You can then store the sound module in the stuffed animal which has an easy access thanks to a  Velcro flap. Now, every time you squeeze the toy, you will hear the soothing and priceless sounds of your baby’s heartbeat. The sound recording can last up to 20 seconds!

There are already dozens stuffed animals that make up the line of My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. There is naturally a teddy bear, and also an elephant, a giraffe and a lamb. There’s also a fox, a monkey, a dog and many more. Each costs 35 dollars and comes with the sound module. These stuffies are about 11 inches tall each.

There is also a smaller line of stuffies, called Heartbeat Buddies. They are about 9-inches tall, cost $29 and feature the same sound module. This is good as you may actually end up needing more than one.

You can keep the stuffie for yourself or use it as a creative way to share the news that you are pregnant. It would make for a great gift for future grandmothers. It is also a nice way to tell your child that she or he will be getting a brother or sister soon. Keep in mind that the toys are suitable for ages from 3 years old and older.