Unboxing continues to be a major toy trend in 2020

Unboxing continues to be a major toy trend in 2020Unboxing has been quite the trend in the toy world for a while. According to Kds Industries this is not going to change in 2020 at the slightest.

“Unboxing still works its magic on children,” says Jelena Stosic, head, insights, Kids Industries to License Global. Accroding to her, it’s all about surprises.

“At its core, it’s about a surprise, which is a powerful dynamic. Unboxing 1.0 used the surprise element almost exclusively (i.e., Kinder Surprise). Over the last two years, the industry moved this forward to ‘Unboxing 2.0’ to add more to the experience, often by making the unboxing process even more playful (i.e., L.O.L. Dolls or Flush Force).”

But it’s not only about that. Now we move to Unboxing 3.0. This means that we get even more activities. For example the Scruf-a-Luv stuffed animals you have to bathe and take care of.

The Color Reveal Barbie is another example. You have to use water to reveal the actual toy. This is Unboxing 3.0 – when you have to use additional activities to unveil the toy and accessories.

This makes the experience even more exciting and thus – it’s going to be a big trend in 2020 for sure. So, have fun!