Unagi Travel sets up holidays for stuffed animals

Unagi Travel sets up holidays for stuffed animalsThe Japanese company Unagi Travel can set your stuffed animals up with real holiday trips throughout the world. You will even get to see pictures from the trips of your stuffed friends.

The company is based in Tokyo. It is run by Sonoe Azuma, who loves eels (unagi is the Japanese word for eels). Her friends started taking pictures of themselves with eels on their trips around the word.

This gave Sonoe the idea to do the same with stuffed animals. Slowly Unagi Travel was formed as a company that will offer anyone to send their stuffies for a holiday adventure, the DailyMail reports.

Before you send your stuffed animals to Unagi Travel though you must fill out a questionnaire. In it you have to tell the company what your stuffed animal likes – food, interests, hobbies and so on. This will ensure your stuffed friend will have fun during the trip. You can also pack your stuffie’s favorite accesories for the trip, like a scarf, hat and so on.

There are a few different types of tours you can order. There are set tours in Tokyo, Onsen Hot Spring and Kamakura, all in Japan. They cost between 45 and 55 dollars. For 35 dollars you can order a mystery tour. This means your stuffie can end up in Paris, New York or anywhere else in the world. The trips usually last about a month. Two to three weeks is the time stuffies will spend at their destination and the rest of the time is for the shipping although that varies on the destinations and distance.

The owner of the stuffed animal pays the shipping of the toy to Tokyo. Everything else, including the return trip to your house, is covered by Unagi Travel. There is only one condition – the toy must not weigh more than 250 grams so this means you have to pick small to medium stuffies.

While your stuffed friend is on the tour, you will get to see lots of pictures. They will be sent to you or you can find them on the company’s Facebook page.