UK’s Toys R Us offers half prices for everything

UK's Toys R Us offers half prices for everythingThe UK branch of Toys R Us is also closing down. And it wants to speed up the process. So, it’s announced that everything in the UK stores of Toys R Us is now at half the original prices.

The official Toys R Us websites for both the US and UK are now closed. You can still browse them, but you can’t buy anything.

Instead, you have to go to the local Toys R Us store. The Bristol Post reports that in the UK this change comes with even bigger sales and price discounts.

However, there’s also a time window. The UK branch of Toys R Us announced it wants to close down all stores as soon as possible. This means that as soon as the stock is cleared, the stores will start closing down one by one.

Also, there are no refunds and no returns. You also can’t use any discount cards, coupons and so on. Loyalty cards are also no longer accepted. However, there is the option to exchange toys which aren’t opened, the boxes are in good, resalable condition and have a valid proof of purchase.

Chances are, there could be even bigger discounts if the stock isn’t cleared as fast as the store chain wants. Still, 50% off everything is quite a deal, so we expect that most of the stuff will now quickly find new homes.

Currently, there’s no news about such big discounts in the US Toys R Us stores. They are going along the original timetable for now. Still, keep an eye out, as things can always change.