UK sales of collectable toys jump 156% over the past three years

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UK sales of collectable toys jump 156% over the past three yearsCollectible toy series have always been quite popular. But over the past few years the are becoming even more popular. Especially in the UK.

Data from the NPD Group shows that the sales of collectable toys have jumped a whopping 156% over the past 3 years. Just in the first 8 months of 2018, they net another 29% jump, ToyNews reports.

One of the reason is the popularity of such toys and series on social media. Along with the unboxing trend, the hunger for surprises and exclusivity, this makes collectable toys very popular.

On average, 3 in every 10 toys sold in the UK so far this year have been collectables. LOL Surprise is taking the lead not only as the most popular collectable, but the most popular toy overall.

“With a sales increase of 156 per cent in the last three years, it’s no wonder that toy manufacturers are keen to tap into the current popularity of collectables, and they know it takes imagination and creativity to have a hit”, Frederique Tutt, toys global industry analyst, The NPD Group, said.

“Collectable ranges must tick a number of boxes if they are to appeal to today’s discerning collector, many of whom have grown up in the digital world. New launches are becoming increasingly innovative, incorporating elements such as unboxing, code-cracking and exclusivity. Some rate each toy as ‘common, rare or super-rare,’ adding to the thrill of opening each new item purchased. It also provides another joy of collecting – swapping with friends and other enthusiasts”, Tutt adds.

So, there we have it. Collectable toys are here to stay for a while. Unless the market floods with them which will make it both overwhelming and not that interesting anymore.