UK health officials call for a ban for excessive use of mobile devices by kids

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UK health officials call for a ban for excessive use of mobile devices by kids
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Quinn Dombrowski

Back in the day it was video games, now it’s mobile devices. Kids always love to be around electronics. But that may not be good for them.

The debate of what’s good for kids and what isn’t will go on forever. Still, now the side supporting less usage of electronics got a big boost.

UK health officials now call for a ban of excessive use of mobile devices by kids. They want a new, healthier approach to electronics.

They propose that kids should be banned from using devices from dinner time to bedtime. Kids should also take a break from their devices every two hours.

England’s health secretary, Matt Hancock will also meet with Instagram officials to talk about the content kids see and use. The goal is to also find ways to keep kids safe during their usage of the devices and social media.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, England’s chief medical officer and the lead for the UK, is also saying that less usage of electronics could be better. Davies notes that currently there’s no clear link between electronics and mental health problems and that technology can be a force for good.

Even so, Davies also supports the idea that a code of conduct is definitely a thing to talk about and implement.